February 3, 2014
by sikon

Art Gallery Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia
3 April 2007 at 7:30 p.m
Duration: 7′ 56″.

Breda Kolar Sluga

Nenad Kuzmanovic – music and sound

The performance took place at  the Art Gallery Maribor in Maribor, Slovenia, during the opening of the  MP_exp_14 DECLARATIVE ART exhibition. MP took up position in the dark gallery illuminated with two blue spotlights, connected by a rope binding their wrists. The performance began with the appearance of sound when the audience entered the gallery. At the beginning, M and P were quiet but at some point they made the distance between them maximal. Later on they easely started to make some ballet movements, after which they started gently pulling each other using only the power of their bodies. As the music transformed from clasical to agresive electronic, they started a frightening dance between two connected bodies. In the final part of the performance MP pulled each other using the power of their palms in embrace. Until the end of the performance, on the very edge of energy, they couldn’t free themselves from the rope and they stayed together… The performance ended at the moment when the clasical music [again after electronic] finished and the light disappeared. The performance symbolically presented the life fightening of MP approaching each other that they had to overcome.