February 4, 2014
by sikon

13 International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre – INFANT
Evening stage of the Youth Theater, Novi Sad, Serbia
26th June 2007 at 0:30 a.m.
Duration: 15′

Selector: Nela Antonovic


Miodrag Kajtez – director of the Cultural Center Novi Sad, general manager, editor-in-chief
Nela Antonovic – festival selector
Simon Grabovac –executive producer
Vesna Stanisic –assistant

MP_art – text
MP_art and Marijana Djordjevic, The Hague, NL – costumes
Nenad Kuzmanovic – music and sound
Radovan Stulic – voice

Vasa Timotijevic, Zoran Dokic, Vesna Stanisic –organisers
Djordje – technical staff
Bale – staff


MP_per_13 KEEP MOVING is actually a essentially altered and supplemented version of the performance  MP_per_05 KEEP A DISTANCE, staged in October 2003 at 1st International Festival of Premiere Performance in Pancevo.
The performance was a original production enveloping a synthesis of the energies of sound, light and movement. It symbolically evokes – using the power and meaning of words, the colour of light and the force of a whip crack, and by a ‘corrective measure’ of an intuitive self-controlled accurate movement – dignity, exaltation and the rejection of all forms of surrender, anxiety or chaos. A walk on the edge of safety with a risk of being seriously injured, maximum concentration on every step, the force of a whip cracking, the word as a power and sense of each dialogue – these are the mental-physical relations and messages of this condense performance brimming with energy. KEEP MOVING also implies the hidden eroticism of relationships in which both participants are equal pér se, with an equal measure of probability for domination and submission.