February 3, 2014
by sikon

IMAF 2006 – 8th International Multimedial Art Festival
‘MAS’ gallery – Multimedial Art Studio, Odzaci,
[IZBA – Novi Sad, SKC – Belgrade]Serbia
10 August 2006 at 7:30 p.m
Duration: 8′ 17″.

Curator: Nenad Bogdanovic

Nenad Bogdanovic – curator, festival director
Nenad Kuzmanovic – computer edited music
Zivko Grozdanic – photos
Marcus Richardson – editor
Ferika – technical staff

MP lied on the floor, near and opposite to each other, in the dark gallery connected by a short rope stretched between their necks. There were covered by the transparent blue fabrics. The performance began with the appearance of the noise electronic music and the stroboscope white light and when the public entered the gallery. At the beginning, M and P were quite but at some point they started fighting for integrity against of any kind of mental and physical limitations. These fight become a kind of erotica game with a lot of tenderly and powerful touches… Until the end of the performance, on the very edge of injury, they couldn’t free themselves from the rope and they stay together… The performance ended at the moment when M and P collapsed from the strong fight. In this particular moment the music finished and the strong sequential light disappeared.