MP_per_06 [in]SIDE

February 2, 2014
by sikon

Gallery of the Student Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia
11 March 2004 at 8:15 p.m.
Duration: 10′ 30″

Curator: Stevan Vukovic

Slavko Timotijevic – Gallery director
Aleksandra Divic –program manager
Ivan Milinkov – sound editor
Lazar Jakovljevic – video projection
Goran Radetic – sound
Vladan Petrovic – light
Rade Radivojsa – video documentation
Srdjan Veljovic – photo
Emergency team from the ‘Elave’ medical clinic


M & P stood in the completely dark gallery. The performance began when the video projection started. The video projection, with loud sound, presented static images of the MP_exp_08 FRAGILITY – POWER of WORDS works. Between each image was break of 10 seconds [without images and sound]. When the video projection began, M started to wrap her head in cling film. M gave the cling film to P, who started to wrap his head. M and P wraped their heads with a whole roll of cling film. At some point they started fighting for air… Until the end of the performance, on the very edge of suffocation, they freed themselves from the foil…
The performance symbolically presented the creative energy of intimate words, floating between two related minds [heads], in all their immeasurable power which become vitally important, moving extrem emotions. The performance also presented, through taxonomy of projected words [images and sound] and physical fight for survival, emotional reflection of self-consciousness and individual characteristics of each other. In context of MP words haves equal power as the fight for existence.