MP_per_07 [in]BALANCE

February 2, 2014
by sikon

11th Biennial of Visual Arts
The Red Warehouse, Pancevo, Serbia
10 July 2004 at 8:45 p.m
Duration: 14′ 45″.

Svetlana Mladenov & Igor Antic

Nenad Kuzmanovic – live computer edited music
Slobodan Tanasijevic – biennial manager
Stevan Kojic & Slavko Timotijevic – photos
Olivera Bakalovic – video documentary
Marcus Richardson – editor
Srdjan Anovic – technical staff

The performance takes place in the Red Warehouse in Pancevo, during the closing of the 11th Biennial of Visual Arts.
M & P took up their positions opposite each other in a dark and very long warehouse room, illuminated by just a blue light of hand-held battery lamps lying on the floor in the center of the room. M & P were blindfolded with black pieces of fabric. The performance began with Bach’s cello music. M & P started to walk step by step towards each other, concentrating deeply on keeping balance and trying to follow a straight line of invisiblelight from the floor, and using outstretched arms to maintain balance. Several times they almost lost balance and fell, and had to use their arms and legs to help themselves. The music gradually became electronic, produced by a musician using a live computer music program, following all that happened in the unbalanced slow walk. M & P touched each other with their bodies, almost in the center of the room, freed their eyes, took the hand-held battery lamps from the floor and turned off the light. At the very same moment, the musician turned the sound off. The performance was finished.
The performance symbolically represented the way M & P approached each other with all the inner barriers of a balanced walk towards each other that they had to overcome.