June 4, 2014
by predrag sidjanin

Subdued Existence: Serbian Contemporary Art Scene
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan
31 May 2014 at 15:00 p.m
Duration: 10′

Curator: Sanja Kojic Mladenov & Svetlana Mladenov

Sound: Nenad Kuzmanovic

SERBIAN CONTEMPORARY is a interactive performance in which audience participation is inevitable and without whose help it cannot be performed. The authors (MP) initiate action from the audience with postcards, prepared for this occasion, with a brief instructional text. Audience involvement was voluntary and the result of the performance is a collective project, act. The performance expresses the intention of the authors to indicate the inevitability of action of all individuals in the creation of the contemporary, in this case art, as well as collective consciousness related to politics, culture and the economy. The action of such individuals is a contribution to the entire society, which does not mean that the authors represent the argument of ‘collective guilt’, which the Serbian folk wrongfully went through in recent history… Serbian Contemporary also opens up a wide field of critical thought towards everyday life in which the authors live in, from the crisis of morality, the decay of all value, to poverty, from the material to the spiritual. This is the first performance of the series which the authors will implement in different environments and in different languages.