February 4, 2014
by sikon

Magyar Muhely Galéria,
Budapest, Hungary
4 May 2011 at 6:20 p.m
Duration: 17′ 10″.

Balint Szombathy

music: Murcof

Nenad Kuzmanovic: live sound mix

The performance began when the audience entered the gallery and when the music started. M and P entered the gallery and stood in front of each other. M was dressed in black high heels, black net stocking, 23 pairs of panties or thongs and black coat. M started taking off her first panty. As soon as she would take a pair off  she would give it to P, who searched through the gallery to find a photo of these particular panties. Than P would hang the panties on the wall near the photo. When P comes back in front of M, she starts taking off the next panty or thongs and gaves it to P, who would then fix them on the wall near to the proper photo. This process was repeats as long as M had panties/thongs on herself. After M become nude under the coat M and P left the gallery, the music stoped and performance was done.

The performance presents a symbolic reanimation of the a intimate collection, presented at the exhibition  MP_exp_20 INTIMATE COLLECTION. The real presence of each pantie/thong in the performance, indicates that they all are used by M in M and P’s intimate game. This performance is a personalization of mass produced artifacts which all have their subjective and intimate history. They all belong to a intimate collection.