February 1, 2014
by sikon

Art studio of the
Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Pancevo, Serbia
7 – 16 January 2003

Curator: Svetlana Mladenov

Svetlana Mladenov – director of the Gallery of Contemporary Arts, curator
Biljana Koviljanic – physician

MP_00 CLEANING was the first project that MP realised together. They had nine days of total isolation and fasting, drinking only tea and water. During this period they cleansed their bodies and minds. They told each other their whole personal life stories and intimate details from their past lives…
With the MP_00 CLEANING intimate performance, they established a new art and life platform and decided to live and produce art together.
Over a period of nine days they also worked on the first MP exhibition and performance: MP_exp 01-04 appearance.