January 31, 2014
by sikon

Shock Gallery, Art Clinic,
Novi Sad, Serbia
21 February – 3 March 2006

Curator: Nikola Dzafo


Nikola Dzafo – curator, director of the Led Art – Art clinic, 
Jovana Budoshan – graphic design 
Radivoj Doderovic –technical manager
Marcus Richardson – editor
M and P – photo
Vladimir Ilic – technical staff
Nenad Kuzmanovic Kuzma, Zekson and Shpira SILICON SCIENCE_electronic music

During the performances of MP_per_10 BIG BROTHER set themselves the task of preparing the material [photos] for the coming exhibition with the same title and topic.
The photographic material produced on the performance served as the background for the critical discourse expressed through statements [words] on the media concept of the TV show Big Brother.