February 2, 2014
by sikon

Gallery ‘Basement’,
Novi Sad, Serbia
25 October 2004 at 8:05 p.m.
Duration: 7′ 35″

Curator: Maja Erdeljanin

Nenad Kuzmanovic – live computer edited sound
Paja Jovanovic – photos
Marcus Richardson – editor
MP_art – light; video documentary


M & P took up their positions close to each other in the dark gallery, illuminated only by two blue spotlights. M and P had wrapped their heads together with cling film. The performance began with the sound of electronic music and the arrival of the audience in the gallery. At one point, M & P started fighting for air… After dramatically fighting for freedom they tore the cling film. Beneath the layer of plastic, physically separated from each other, was another layer of cling film on both of their heads. M & P touched each other’s cling-film-wrapped heads, and suddenly they started to tear off the film and help each other to struggle free. At the end of the performance, and at the very brink of suffocation, they freed themselves from the film… Then, M & P turned off the spotlights and left the gallery area, and at the same moment the music, which was very dramatic and with constant hearbeats, stopped.
The performance is directly related to the exhibited  MP_exp_09 MENTAL GHETTO, and symbolically represented the separation of Androgen in its male-female being… The performance also represented the physical fight for survival, the reflection of self-consciousness and individual characteristics of each other. In the context of MP, the performance symbolically represented the power of the universal fight for existence…