January 28, 2014
by sikon

Gallery ‘Basement’, Novi Sad, Serbia
25 October – 30 October 2004

Curator: Maja Erdeljanin


Maja Erdeljanin – curator
Sava Stepanov – text
Mirjana Popovic – translation
Marcus Richardson – editor
M&P – photos

‘GOLDEN BRICK’ special critique award for the best exhibition in the gallery during 2004.


Vajdasagi kepszomuveseti, Olasz Kulturalis Kozpont, Szeged, Hungary

group exhibition
November 2006

curator: Sava Stepanov

A series of extraordinary portrait photographies of the Artistic couple MP is a consequence of a complex mental and performative research in behavior of the two artists. The photographies presented at this exhibition are of autobiographic character – the artists wrapped their heads with plastic strip/foil thus setting themselves in the marginal existential situation. In such a “forced”, and at any rate ultimate situation, they have dedicated themselves to investigating of their own being. The INSIDE situation, state of mind, the most stressed emotionality – have all been provoked by simulated physical, disability of function of the organs of seeing and hearing, choking, existential fear and trauma. The artists, thus set in a position between Eros and Tanatos in a crystallized manner, have brought themselves into the condition of experiencing their own heart-beats, emotionality, and their proper physical and psychological vitalism.
One of the basic principles of the past behaving/acting of the artistic couple MP art has been founded on exploring and appreciating of male – female principles and reactions. This project follows the very same pattern. However the final result is a unique “overlapping” of attitudes and feelings. Anima and Animus, Eros and Tanatos have equal meaning, which manifests through androgen synthesis – and the cycle starts where the previous ends, which in a way, is confirmed by the MP_per_08 MENTAL GHETTO.
In their past acting the Artistic couple MP the artistic existentialism has been the constant principle. Experience of living is simultaneously the experience of artistic work. This accentuated autobiographic syndrome can be apprehended through artistic behavior, especially so through their intention that every performance, which is, after all, the elementary form of artistic engagement, presents their own understanding of the world and the time that we live in. The artistic couple MP is trying to point at the position of a contemporary person. They do not offer such an “artistic message “in the sense of metaphoric mark but, instead, through their own experience, through their giving of themselves, maybe even sacrifice, in order to reach defined conclusions useful to beneficiaries of their own artistic action. The two artists are saying their confessions through their works. Every confession is of subjective nature, while sincerity is immanent. In these works the sincerity is, due to the stressed existential danger, strongly expressed. That’s why, I feel this exhibition of the Artistic couple MP, titled Mental Ghetto, is a testimonial that adequately testifies of a turbulent time of permanent crises, a time of insecurity and jeopardy, a time which takes true spiritual and creative power to prevail.

Sava Stepanov