January 31, 2014
by sikon

Gallery SKC, Belgrade, Serbia
December 2004 
Curator: Stevan Vukovic


Slavko Timotijevic – Gallery director
Marko Stamenkovic assistent of currator
Aleksandra Divic – program manager
Goran Radetic – sound
Marcus Richardson – editor 


Media Nox Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia
April 2005 
Curator: Dragica Marinic


Dragica Marinic – curator, director of the MKC Maribor, 
Dusan Hedl – technical manager
Marcus Richardson – editor
Nenad Kuzmanovic – photo and video documentary
Alen – technical assistent


Gallery ESC im labor, Graz, Austria
June 2005 
Curator: Reni Hofmüller


Reni Hofmüller – Gallery director and curator
Gerhard Gross – photo
Marcus Richardson –editor

MP_exp_10 REFLECTIVE MIND is the second part of a larger project entitled Reflective Diary, and the first exhibition of a three, at SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia. MKC Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia and ESC im labor Gallery, Graz, Austria are another two collaborative galleries..
The project ‘Reflective Diary’ also consist of installation MP_ins_01 REFLECTIVE REALITY, and the the performances MP_per_09 REFLECTIVE ONESELF.