February 2, 2014
by sikon

PerformaNS 03 – Festival of Art Performances
Gallery Golden eye, Novi Sad, Serbia
28 Avgust 2003 at 8 p.m
duration: 57′

 Sava Stepanov

Sava Stepanov – Gallery director, curator
Paja Jovanovic, Stevan Kojic – photos
Marcus Richardson – editor
“Ozvuka i osveta” – sound system
Djordje Ciric – technical staff
Veljko Mijic- staff
Stevan Gez- staff


MP_per_04 BELONGING was the performance realized during the PerformaNS 03 Festival.
M & P stood in front of each other in a dark gallery room, separated from the public by a barrier of transparent black fabric. The performance began when the music started and the public entered the gallery. M & P started to dance, following the rhythm of the music, with rhythmical flashes of light from powerful hand-held battery lamps. With the light from the hand-held battery lamp M illuminated the dancing body of P to a certain rhythm, who did the same with the body of M. They followed some inner rhythm or the rhythm of the music. Throughout M & P danced by lighting their bodies with shadow play on the gallery walls, frequently caressing each other with the light. M & P made no physical contact between each other at any time. The performance ended at the moment when the music finished.