MP_exp_25 NAJLON_Friday morning_srecni ljudi

March 18, 2015
by predrag sidjanin

Zrenjanin, Serbia
16th March – 2nd April 2015

Curator: Slavica Popov

In the artistic practice of MP_art the relationship between art and life is strongly present and at the beginning of their joint creativity they dealt with intimate and universal themes of male-female relationships. In recent years, they have been reacting more and more to the current social and political challenges, thus in their works they criticize and interpret social phenomena and processes. Observing and exploring the functioning of a micro-world at Novi Sad flea market, they analyze a much wider problem of global functioning of the economy and its impact on individuals. With exhibition NAJLON_Friday morning-happy-people, they singled out one segment of everyday life, which might have been understandable to us and they made us wonder what kind of values we as a society aspire to, who forms them and who should form them, and to what extent these established values influence the development and the fate of society and the man in it. Because happiness is an individual thing and depends on that established system of values and only when we manage to achieve them, are we able to experience it.
Slavica Popov