February 2, 2014
by sikon

Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Pancevo, Serbia
11 April 2003 at 8:30 p.m
Duration: 6′ 45″.

Svetlana Mladenov

Svetlana Mladenov –Gallery director, curator
Marcus Richardson –editor
Olivera Bakalovic – video documentary
Nenad Forgo – light and sound
Vanja Milinkov – sound editing
Mirjana Kamenko –secretary
Jagoda Milkovski – staff 
Milos Lacmanovic – staff
Sava Djordjevic – staff


The performance takes place in the Gallery of Contemporary Arts in Pancevo, during the opening of the exhibition. An official opening with speeches and other formalities was replaced with the performance titled APPEARANCE.
MP took up position in the dark gallery connected by a rope stretched between their necks. The performance began with the appearance of sound and light. At the beginning MP only looked directly into each other’s eyes and then started gently pulling each other using only the power of their bodies and necks. After a while this pulling became a frightening dance between two connected bodies. The palms of M were symbolically painted in red and the palms of P were in black, while their feet were painted in gold. In the final part of the performance MP pulled each other using the power of their painted palms in the center of the black circle on the floor. They remained in front of each other, all the while looking directly into their eyes. The performance ended at the moment when the music finished and the light disappeared.
The performance symbolically presented the manner of MP approaching each other with all the barriers that they had to overcome. They also presented themselves publicly for the first time and appeared as a new art value on the professional art scene.
The performance is one of three co-related parts of the MP_exp_01-04 Appearance art project; the other two are the publication and exhibition.