HE and SHE (M vs P of MP_art)

December 31, 2014
by predrag sidjanin

UPIDIV 50 YEARS              on the shoulders of giants

University of Novi Sad, Rectory building, Novi Sad, Serbia

Group exhibition
13 December 2014 – 6 January 2015

Council for jubilee: dr Jasna Jovanov, Snezana Subic, Andrej Tisma


To mark the 50 anniversary, UPIDIV organized an exhibition entitled On the shoulders of giants. The exhibition has two parts which are represented by doyens and prominent members. M of MP was selected among 30 prominent members. M exhibited a new installation HE and SHE (M vs P of MP_art), based on earlier MP_art work (MP_ins_03 THEY).