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MP_book_02 non><EROTICA


Novi Sad, Serbia, 2015

Executive publisher: Predrag Sidjanin

Texts: Sava Stepanov, MP

Translation: Marcus Richardson, Jasna Canayic, English; Milan Velickovic, japanese

Photos and design: MP_art

Print: printXpress, Novi Sad

Pages: 218, full color

Print run: bibliophile limited collectors edition of ten copies, numbered and signed by the authors

Dimensions: 21.5/26,5 cm

ISBN 978-86-919231-0-5

MP_book_02 non><EROTICA is a book that contains a collection of erotic photographs*, which never reveal any intimate part of M’s body (nipples, sexual organs), and a collection of erotic stories**, which M & P exchanged over a period of time via email. The stories contain computer symbols that replace words for direct, explicit sexual actions or objects. Each story also contains hypertext words for inter-linking related stories. In the book, a dictionary of symbols is provided, together with a map of the hypertext links between the stories. The MP_book_02 non><EROTICA is an art work by itself!



* the photographs came about spontaneously, in galleries, studios and hotels/residences, during the course of work on many MP_art projects, and then themselves grew into a project of intimate images, which, in terms of their narratives, do not correspond with the stories that had been previously devised and written; the photographs were produced in large series, but only those that fit with the book’s concept were selected.

** the stories are typed-out words intended as mutual intimate erotic fantasies during M and P’s year-long physical separation (2002/2003), and should be regarded as such, without any other connotations or literary pretensions; stories as a document of intimate online correspondence – cyber reality fiction.


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